What to do if Zeus virus is detected on your mac?

Zeus is one of the most common scams on the Internet. It is aimed to force users to follow instructions on how to delete the malware or scams, which in fact is a trap on how to charge the accounts or install malware on Mac. What to do in case of its infection see below.


What is the Zeus virus scam?

Zeus virus is a type of malware that mostly attacks Microsoft Windows. But it does not mean that Mac is protected. It is a fake warning that notifies about Mac infection and forces users to take actions, e.g. to call a phone number or click on the link, in order to delete it. You should remember that it is a trap, and not a piece of advice.

When you visit suspicious or unknown sites, especially the one that sells paid items “for free”, the alert “Windows has detected Zeus virus might be found. It urges users to call for a technical specialist who will assist them. Obviously, this call will be paid, and accounts will be charged. Or if to follow the link,  malware will be downloaded on your Mac.


What should be done if the Zeus virus scam is detected on Mac?

There are some simple actions to be done to protect personal data and the operating system from malware.

Firstly, remember the features of this malware and don’t follow its “advice”. In order to confuse users, these alerts are displayed to be as dangerous as possible.

Secondly, close Safari and other browsers. Re-launch it without opening all the closed windows. Clear the browser history and delete suspicious browse extensions.

Remember that recently visited sites with false alerts and never visit them again. Then delete and re-download all the browsers except Safari which you regularly use.


Protect Mac from Zeus virus

To sum up, it is recommended to remember Zeus features.

The main principle is not to follow its instructions. If it is too late, the user can do the above mentioned recommendations or install functional antivirus, such as Clario. It is the best variant to assure that mac is safe and to be protected from malware in the future.

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