Megabackup virus: guide how to delete from your mac

Megabackup is the program that backs up data to the storage and saves user’s information if the Mac crashes, or when it is stolen, or destroyed. At first sight, these options are useful for storing the data. So why is it believed to be a virus? See below to get answers.


What is Megabackup: a useful program or a dangerous virus?

Megabackup is the fraudulent app that provides data back-up instruments. It isn’t a virus in traditional terms because it isn’t capable of copying itself and doesn’t have typical virus features like corrupting the system or deleting the data.

At the same time, this app definitely isn’t a useful program for storing the data. It is believed to be malware because of the following features:

  • installed without previous consent;
  • after downloading user can open but cannot use this application;
  • permanent pop-ups to encourage the user to buy the full version;
  • hard to delete it.


How to remove Megabackup from your mac?

If you notice it on your device, delete this malware as soon as possible. It will release the OS and will not irritate you with frequent annoying pop-ups. Here is a brief step by step instruction.

Сleaning the operative system on your mac (ten simple steps to follow):

  1.   Open Finder.
  2.   Click on Apps.
  3.   Choose Utilities and then Activity Monitor.
  4.   Choose Megabackup (it is one of the programs) and then select Quit Process.
  5.   Choose the Force Quit after opening up a dialog.
  6. One more Finder – Apps – and then Move this program to Trash. Enter the password if required.
  7. After that trash should be emptied.
  8.   Select System Preferences (SP) (it should be either on Dock Panel or Apple menu).
  9.   Then choose Users & Groups in SP, select the username.
  10. Find Megabackup in programs and click the delete sign (-).


Remove Megabackup virus from your Mac

Although it is not a real virus, this PUP slows down the speed of your laptop and disrupts users with alarm messages.

To be sure that your system is protected from destructive programs, or that it is easy to remove malicious programs without deleting personal information from the browser in the future, it is recommended to download reliable antivirus apps like Clario to be confident in the mac’s safeness and protection.

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