Is mDNSResponder.exe a virus?

It is a core part of Bonjour protocol created by Apple. The main function of it is to help you find Apple devices in the network. It scans your network to find other Bonjour-enable devices. One example of using the results of this work is audio sharing in iTunes. Open iTunes and you can listen to other iTunes libraries on your network. Bonjour is the service thanks to which it works: the protocol allows computers on the same network to find each other, that is, the list of iTunes public libraries is updated.

This software is supplied by Mac OS and IOS but also available for Microsoft Windows. This program was designed with the main goal of setting up networks without problems. This protocol is currently used by many programs for quick connection.


What is wrong with mDNSResponder.exe?

The main problem with mDNSResponder.exe is that it slows down the network, like a virus. Somehow, this program fills up the network with Internet traffic which has no use but occupying space. This traffic can discover apps which monitor your Internet traffic. That’s why they want to delete or turn off this program.

The problem is turning off the mDNSResponder will break Bonjour protocol and it will be impossible to find or connect to other devices in the network. You can turn off Bonjour on Mac, but you will need to make an input for every single device you want to connect, and  services based on automatic detection will not work. Also, some viruses camouflage themselves as mDNSResponder.exe. You should check the mDNSResponder.exe. process on your Mac to see if it is a threat.


How to disable mDNSResponder.exe on Mac?

You can disable Bonjour without having to delete it, just go to the “Control Panel” of “Services”, double-click on the Bonjour service, and change the startup type to “Disabled”. This will be the best solution, if you really do not want to break something, if there are any problems, you can turn it on again.


Why is mDNSResponder.exe on my Mac?

This program is a vital part of Mac OS, it is not a virus as some users may suppose. Yes, it does work in the background but has no intention on bringing harm to Mac. So, you shouldn’t remove it.

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