How to protect your Mac from Tapsnake virus?

  • Take no notice of messages

You must refuse to acknowledge the message window from Tapsnake. If you are not able to get rid of the window, exit the search engine or, if necessary, restart your Mac.

  • Don’t open any suspicious links

When you restart your Mac, check whether you reopened all the windows from the preceding session. Don’t trust all the pages you open and pay attention to warnings on the danger of the links leading to the insecure pages. Never open an email link if you are uncertain in an address and a sender of a letter. The same rules are applied to the links in messengers such as Messages and WhatsApp.


What is Tapsnake virus?

So-called “Tapsnake virus” is one of many fake warnings appearing as a result of visiting particular sites. It is intruding and creates more difficulties for the web functioning but if you pay no attention to them, there will be no harm. However, the purpose of such messages is to make people nervous so that in a mood of panic they will follow any directions mentioned in a fraudulent notification.


Detailed guide on Tapsnake virus removal

  1. Dispose of the program
  • Find the Applications folder and delete all the latest programs that you did not select to set up.
  • Monitor the login items by finding “System Preferences”, choosing “Users and Groups” and entering your username, then move to the “Login Items” tab. When you see something that should not be there, eliminate it through the “-” button.
  1. Control your search engine extensions
  • Click “Settings” in the Safari menu and then “Extensions”. Look for everything that should not be there. If you note something, delete it.


Is Tapsnake a real virus?

It is not a virus at all, but a simulation program producing different fraudulent warnings. It informs you that viruses are discovered on your Mac. It then reports that the warnings concern the uploaded files and ask you to stop using Mac until you call at the phone number indicated in the warning. Most likely, either this call will be very expensive, or the fraudsters will try to steal your confidential data or sell you a special support plan or program.

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