Annoying mac os Genieo virus – a guide to remove it

Genieo is a browser hijacker that can infiltrate target computers undetected using adware. It can crack popular Internet browsers installed in the infected operating system. Immediately after a successful invasion, the hijacker establishes itself as the default search provider and the ORB address of the new tab, leaving no chance for Mac system users to return to their previous settings and return their preferred search engine to normal.

What is Genieo?

As you can see from its appearance, it can look like a simple and useful site. However, the legitimacy of this site is highly questionable. This is another cyber infection that falls into the category of hijackers. Once inside the target Mac computers, it will perform various unpleasant actions without asking your permission.

Features of Genieo include:

  • It takes too much time to perform any operations on your computer.
  • Makes some strange changes to your browser settings and prevents you from undoing them.
  • Prevents web surfing.
  • Annoys you too much by displaying multiple pop-ups and links.
  • Compromises the confidentiality of your system, as well as personal data, by monitoring the browsing session, etc.
  • Downloads multiple add-ons or toolbars to your browser.
  • Captures users of all installed browsers.
  • Opens a backdoor and introduces several malicious threats to your PC.
  • Automatically converts the text of a user’s web page to hyperlinks, etc.


How to remove Genieo from Mac

  1. Update your Mac and restart it.
  2. Go to the Applications directory and search for any software you didn’t expect to see or didn’t download and uninstall them.
  3. Open Safari -> Safari menu -> Preferences.
  4. Extensions -> find unwanted extensions -> uninstall them.
  5. General tab -> reset the default search engine you use.


How does Genieo malware gets to your device

Genieo usually comes along with various add-ons, unwanted toolbars, malicious extensions, etc. It takes up a lot of space on the hard drive and affects the operation of the computer. Like another browser hijacker, it is activated on the Mac using the picking method. When you download any software or application, it executes its malicious code and roots it deep inside your PC.

In order to avoid intrusion, experts strongly recommend choosing a preliminary or user installation mode, accepting a software license, reading the terms and conditions, unchecking all unknown programs, etc.

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