The best virus protection for Mac. Why do you really need it?

The growth of Mac popularity almost always leads to the increase of potential threats to its products.Attackers also paid close attention to Apple’s operating system. To date, the Mac is still a more secure operating system than Windows, but becoming increasingly popular, makes it also become more vulnerable. And now the disturbing news from Intego began to appear – threats of a virus epidemic for the OS are being detected.

This did not shake confidence in security. These attacks were followed by DNSChanger, which was previously known to everyone who used Windows, the TDSS virus family manifested itself. The last thing that completely broke the faith of users in the integrity of Mac’s built-in protection – the well-known company Doctor Web found that more than 550,000 PCs were infected with the BackDoor.Flashback virus. Perhaps this happened because the company did not allow users to install patches for various programs from third parties. It turned out that this rule worked against the system itself.

Attacks on the “unkillable” system continued – Kaspersky Lab detected the latest virus program, Backdoor.OSX.SabPub, and this happened just a couple of weeks after the previous sad news.

Photo from Despite all this news, Mac OS can still be considered the most optimal operating system in terms of security – it can even withstand the command to destroy. Nevertheless, the best exploitation of vulnerability has become possible and that is why it is worth considering additional security.

By setting up protection, you build a barrier between a virus and all sorts of flash drives, memory cards that you use to transfer data. Simply put, your computer with additionally installed security becomes a gateway – it does not miss attacks and is able to detect and eliminate them, preventing further spread at the slightest hint of infection. Of course, this property will be noticeable when using multiple PCs – this becomes a frequent occurrence when devices with different operating systems are used in the same family.

We have selected the best five apps that can take care of your hardware and software. See the comparison chart below.


What is the best virus protection for the Mac

Clario Bitdefender Norton Dr.Web Kaspersky Security
Real-time protection + + + + +
Checking messages using the POP3, SMTP, IMAP4 protocols + + + +
HTTP Verification + + + +
Site Reputation Check + + + +
Checking files received via IM iChat + +
Heuristic Analysis + + + + +
Exploit Protection + +
Cloud technologies + +
Parental control +
Virtual keyboard +


It’s one of the best simple and lightweight applications that has an intuitive user interface and easy controls. You will need to spend a few minutes from downloading to starting the first checkup. This software is good at detecting unwanted elements on your hard drive and protecting the system in real-time.

macOS version: X 10.6 and newer



This software is good at finding weird malware and wiping it off. You may be fine with the basic features of the app like real-time protection and HTTP verification.

Cost: $29.99/year

macOS version:  X 10.6 and newer


It’s one of the most popular apps for mac and PC users. It may be a good option if you have several devices at home. It has a good interface with a lot of features, so you’ll spend some time configuring it.

Cost: $39.99/year

macOS version:  X 10.6 and newer



Here’s one more best rated app among Windows users. And it’s also good if you have several devices with different operating systems at home. However, you will not have your emails protected.

Cost: $23.99

macOS version: X 10.4 and newer


Kaspersky Security

It’s heavy and hard-working. It performs good checkups and its interface is rather user-friendly. But you will surely need to spend some time configuring it the right way to get the most from it.

Cost: $23.99

macOS version: X 10.6 and newer


Choose the best Mac virus protection

We believe that simplicity, light weight, and fast work are the key components that the best antivirus should possess besides full protection of your device. Clario has proved to be the one thanks to its look and behavior.

Your device will never slow down or make you wait until the checkup is finished. A nice pricing policy makes this app stand out as well.

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